Resetting router to factory defaults

Sometimes it is necessary to reset your wireless router to its factory default conditions; if you have determined that the router is the most likely cause of your issue, if you have lost access to your wireless network, or if the router is somehow misconfigured are among the many reasons a factory reset might be needed. The steps for resetting a router to factory defaults vary manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model, but most can be reset by locating the pinhole reset button (typically located on the back or bottom of the router) and pressing it down with a pointy - yet not sharp - object such as a paperclip. Some routers - such as our leased TP-Link Archer C2s - require additional steps or utilize a multipurpose button to initiate the factory reset process; for instructions on how to reset your leased TP-Link Archer C2 routers, please refer to the support documentation.

For information regarding the factory reset process for other routers, please consult the manufacturer's support site.

Major Router Manufacturers

Netgear Support
ASUS support
Linksys Support
Apple Airport support
TP-Link support
D-Link support

Please note that by resetting the router to factory defaults, you will be removing all current settings and will need to reconfigure your SSID (network name) and password at a minimum.

Here is a guide on how to reconfigure our leased TP-Link Archer C2 routers.

Once you have reset the router you should be able to connect to the internet by connecting a device to one of your router's LAN ports or using the default WiFi information (usually located on the manufacturer's labels on your router or in the router’s manual). If you are unable to connect after doing a factory reset, contact us at or (206)395-7222 option 2.

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