Slow Internet Speeds

This article is intended for those who are experiencing issues with slow wired connections speeds - if you are having general connectivity issues,  please refer to this article or if you are experiencing slow speeds only on WiFi, take a look at our WiFi troubleshooting tips.

1. Verify Speeds

If you have been noticing you have been getting slow speeds, you should figure out what speeds you are getting. The tool we use to verify speeds is All you need to do is go to the link, make sure you are using a Seattle, WA host, and hit “Go”. The test takes roughly one minute to complete and it is best to run multiple test to get a better baseline of your connection speeds. Once you have a few test results, you should be able to compare with your service package whether or not you are getting rated speeds. If you are unsure, what speeds you should be seeing feel free to contact our support team. or (206)395-7222 option 3

2. Verify Equipment

If you find that you are getting slower than acceptable speeds, the next thing to try is check your equipment. Make sure every networking device is working properly and has no loose connections. You should also try rebooting your router and other devices. This will ensure that all devices functioning and are properly connected. You should also make sure your devices support your service package’s speeds.

3. Test Circuit Directly

Once you have confirmed that your networking devices are working properly and are able to handle your service package’s speed you should bypass all networking devices and plug your testing device into the demark point(Ethernet outlet). *Please note that some buildings we tie your connection to a specific device, usually a router, and to activate a different device you will need to contact us. Once you have connected your testing device successfully, check your speeds via another speedtest. If you get acceptable speeds, this means that there is an issue with one of the other networking devices. You should slowly reincorporate your networking devices doing tests after installing each piece of equipment to isolate where the issue is located.

4. Contact Us

If you are still getting slow speeds on your testing device this points to a problem with your connection upstream. The problem may be specific to your space or affecting multiple other customers. We shall our equipment remotely and if necessary have a technician investigate in person.

Our support team can be reached by phone or email: or (206)395-7222 option 3.

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