IVR Menu and Voicemail Greeting Recordings

Customers requiring new recordings for their phone service have a number of options available to them. Depending upon the type of recording required it may be necessary to involve Atlas Support during the final stages, however the recordings themselves can be made using one of the following methods:

New Voicemail Greeting

To create a new voicemail greeting, simply dial *97 to reach your voicemail. Enter the PIN provided by Atlas Networks when directed to by the automated system and choose option 5 for the advanced menu. Once you have entered the advanced menu, press option 1 to record a greeting; you will be asked to assign a greeting number, do so and note the number down. After creating the greeting you will be returned to the advanced menu - choose option 2 to select the active greeting, you will be asked to enter the recording number. Once you have done so you will return to the advanced menu; there are additional options here for recording your directory name, changing your PIN, and more.

New IVR Menu Recording

There are two methods available for recording a new IVR message; using your phone itself and using a computer or other recording device.

1) Using Your Phone

Dial *732 from your Atlas Networks phone line and enter your PIN when prompted; if you are unsure of your PIN, contact Atlas Networks Support. Follow the voice prompts to create a recording and - once the recording is complete - review it and assign a recording number to it when prompted. Recording numbers should be unique, as the number is what Atlas Networks uses to identify the recording in question. Once your recording is saved, simply contact Atlas Networks support via phone at 206.395.7222 or by email to support@atlasonnet.com and we will make the new recording active, as well as make any necessary adjustments to the options on the menu itself.

2) Using Your Computer

Many options exist for recording an appropriate file on both PCs and Macs; the default recording software on each should do the trick, but feel free to use any compatible software you like. We require all audio files to be in the WAV format - specifically an 8 or 16 Khz mono WAV file. Once you have recorded the file, email it to support@atlasonnet.com and we will adjust your IVR menu to match the new recording and upload the recording itself to our server.
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